Available Dogs

Please take a look at these wonderful bullies we have available for adoption today.

If you are interested in any of them, please get your application in now.


This 18 month old BT is still just a puppy. He has lots of energy to run and play. He passed his behavioral test with flying colors and loves to play with other dogs. He needs basic training and is at the perfect age to start. He is a beautiful boy who weighs about 45lbs, but is still growing and has about another year to fully develop his muscles. He has a very sweet temperment and will make a "Frosty Cool" family member.



This three year old friendly girl has lots of energy. She weighs about 45 lbs and she has been professionally trained in obedience on and off leash. She is crate trained and can be on leash with other dogs but would do best as an only dog in her own household. You can see from her photos that she gets along with others, but we believe she will do best in her own homw with her own family. Her little tail wags a mile a minute when she sees you. She just loves everybody. She's got the moves, she's just looking for a family to show them off to!

Camella Training
Camella Training 2


Milo is finally ready for his forever home! He is now just one year old and needs an owner who can show him the world! Baby bullys need lots of training, so his new home needs to have plenty of time to devote to him. He is definitely text-book bully! High energy and curious about EVERYTHING! He weights about 45 lbs, but is not done growing. He is well crate trained and has not shown any dog aggression. He has really turned into a beautiful boy!



This beautiful bully is only one year old. He can sit for a treat and would be a great soccer ball player! He is very athletic with unique markings of fawn and white. He would just love a human companion. Baby bullys this age need lots of training, so his future family will need to have time to devote to him. He weighs about 45 lbs and is not yet done growing!



She is just three years old and only 35 lbs. It's apparent she's had a rough time in her short three years and we hope this sweet girls luck will change. She loves attention and affection and may be able to live with another dog of eaual size. She has very deep set eyes with lots of expression in them. You can almost tell what she is thinking by looking into them. Her ear is folded over due to an old ear infection that went untreated. We hope she gets the chance to find her forever family that will treat her like the queen she deserves to be.


Here is a wonderful all white little girl. She has a genetic condition, like many bull terriers, called dry-eye so sometimes she doesn't see well, but it doesn't stop here from being a normal bully! She loves to go for walks and runs in the park. Lina is six years old. She is crate trained and housebroken.


Charlie is a two year old high energy young dog, is all white and full of personality. He is crate trained and can sing like the dogs on youtube videos. We've been working with him and he's close to saying, "mama"!!! He loves people but should be an only pet. He would love a yard to run around in and is very ready to be a bully! He is a typical bt puppy so he has a lot of energy and needs a loving family to give him his chance and be willing to train him.