Available Dogs

Please take a look at these wonderful bullies we have available for adoption today.

If you are interested in any of them, please get your application in now.


Last month Ruby came to us with a broken leg after she was hit by a car. Her previous family could not afford the surgeries to save her leg, or her and she was left to be put to sleep. Luckily, some angels were on her side and she went into surgery in Bakersfield. She will be released next week and the prognosis is looking fantastic. She's already running and playing on all fours and will be ready for her new home. We believe she will do well with other dogs and will make this sad story of 2015, a great one in 2016.




This cute little boy is only about forty pounds. He has a very sweet temperament and loves everybody. He would love to have his own human buddy. He is not animal aggressive and has lived with other dogs before, but we really want him to be an only dog. He is five years old and really needs a human who could spoil him rotten!

Rocko 2


Well look at her now! For Christmas, we received a frail, very underweight sad Bull Terrier. With the love and support she's received, she is finally ready to be placed in a furever home. It was touch and go for a while there but she has come back full circle. She eats three meals a day, which she demands be on time and then she loves to go outside to chase the cat. She is just starting to focus on things not related to food but of course - being a bully - food is still her passion!



Missy Transformation


This beautiful girl ended up in a pound because her owner had to flee an abusive husband and could not take her with to a shelter. She owned her since she was a puppy and it broke her heart. All we want for Christmas is a home for Duchess. She is five years old and great with kids and all people. Very loving and affectionate, but not good around dogs or cats. She needs a secure backyard to play in as she loves to play fetch and loves to play with toys. Rides very well in the car. She has a beautiful muscular body and so wants to be part of a family again. Can you answer this girls Christmas wish?



Look at this beautiful seven year old boy. He is about 70 lbs of bull terrier. A gorgeous big boy. Loves people but is dog aggressive and needs to be an only dog. Crate trained and house broken. A real lover boy!



This beautiful bully is only one year old. He can sit for a treat and would be a great soccer ball player! He is very athletic with unique markings of fawn and white. He would just love a human companion. Baby bullys this age need lots of training, so his future family will need to have time to devote to him. He weighs about 45 lbs and is not yet done growing!