Rainbow Bridge
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

"For my dearest, sweet Danno-boy, the bull terrier love of my life! I expect I will be with you again pretty soon. Stewart"

I had to part with my beloved Danno yesterday after an ultrasound report revealed multiple cancerous growths on his liver and in his lungs. He had not been feeling well for the past week. I felt it my responsibility to prevent further painful days even with heavy medications to keep him "comfortable," as the vet termed it. So, I said goodbye to him, as I felt I should. I am heartbroken. Of all my bull terriers he was my favorite and the one closest to me, especially now since I am also in my late eighties.

All my bullies have had nickname's. Ivy's was “friendly” for obvious reasons. She chose me to be her human at the Pet Expo in 2011. She walked up to me and basically said “you'll do just fine”, crawled up on my lap and spent a good part of our 7 years together there. She was about 13 years old when we lost her so she out lasted all my other dogs. She passed this morning, July 4th, to some kind of neurological disorder, but the 4th never bothered her. She knew she was safe. I've got 4 bullies waiting for me to cross the Rainbow Bridge now. It's going to be a blast!

snookersnooker 2snooker 3snooker 4
Snooker 2003 - 2015

We adopted Snooker from BTRSC (his name then was Popeye). His first two years of life before coming into rescue had fashioned a dog filled with terror. We were told he would be a “project” and that he would probably always do best as an only dog. Indeed, he was filled with fear, especially about going outside or down stairs. From his behaviors, it was very apparent that he had suffered beatings and starvation as a puppy and young dog. However, under all that, there still beat the heart of a bull terrier. Gradually, over several years, Snooker learned to trust us, and discovered that it was okay to show and share love and happiness with a human. Although he never became comfortable going outside the boundaries of his immediate home area, (so no walks around the block), he had a life filled with snoozing on the couch, begging for and getting lots of treats and human food, and excellent “run fasties” in the house. He also loved to go camping and tinkle on a big tree or two.

In 2012, he started to slow down and show his age, maybe even present as a wee bit depressed. Enter Mildred Pierce, a feisty mixed breed from the local shelter. She was extremely playful and ignored his initial fearful ways with her. Soon, they became excellent friends and exceptional play pals. With Mildred, Snooker got his pep back and enjoyed many a heartfelt tug of war. He even would go outside to defend her if she got into trouble with one of the neighboring dogs! Again, the bully heart and soul know no bounds.

Snooker’s back injuries from his puppyhood eventually caught up with him, and he lost his ability to stand and walk this September. We had him sent to Heaven at home, and he passed without one moment of fear, in the loving embrace of his pack.

Snooker was the most gentle, forgiving, loving, and goofy soul we will ever have had the priviledge to know. We miss him every day…and so does Mildred. Rest in peace, our beautful angel boy.

Daddy and Mither


I adopted Tyson, who we knew as Mr Peabody in 2005. He had a hard start but his time with me was very good for us both. Today was our last day together. When enough time has passed I will come to see you for another rescue. I have a big soft spot for Bullies and I understand them well.



Our loved Leroy passed away yesterday. He’s certainly left his mark on our family.
Thank you for the opportunity to adopt him and provide him a home for the last ten years!
Leroy and his Fam
Leroy being Leroy


Beau adopted my wife and I eleven years ago when he was three years old. Through our many experiences we all grew to be a close and loving family. Beau was called by many names, most included his proper name; “Beau” Cephus, “Beau” Regard, Rain “Beau” and many more, but what he was known by best was “Friend.” To my wife, he was “My Bestus Little Friend.”

Beau and my wife shared a special relationship; they were for the most part inseparable. He kept her company, kept her safe and he was there when she needed comfort. She in turn was his companion, groomer, manicurist, nurse, and everything else he needed. They depended on each other and in turn received joy from one another.

In Beau’s tenth year of life he was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. At the time of diagnoses, Beau died in my arms at the vet, the vet gave him a shot of Adrenaline and he popped up like nothing was going on. After that he had to get a shot every 25 days and take daily medications. Despite his ailment, Beau lived an active and productive life for another 4 years. One of his favorite places to go; besides the vet (little weirdo) was the beach. He loved chasing waves and running on the smooth sand.

Beau will be greatly missed, he was a big part of our life and he will not be forgotten.

- Shawn & Teresa
Beau Will Be Missed
Beau was loved
Beau will live on in love


This is a sad, sad day. Feisty, Festive, Friendly (to humans) Bull Terrier, Bogey, passed away at age 11 after a wonderful life after being rescued by my good friend, Twig who was his constant companion through thick and thin. Although Bogey was not my dog, he holds a special place in my heart. Bogey lived a wonderful happy life with Twig that can only be described as varied and exciting. From living for many years on a sailboat and sailing the windy waters of san Francisco Bay to sailing down the coast to Half Moon Bay, Bogey was always at the helm! When Twig worked as a long haul trucker, Bogey was always at his side as they crisscrossed the country. During the past years Bogey & Twig traveled the West in a beautiful motorhome making new friends wherever they went. There was a special bond between Bogey & Twig that was a joy to see .

Goodbye, Bogey, you will be missed.




With great sadness we wish to tell everone who has watched Belle's progress, that she passed away from her cancer. The cancer finally attached to her spine and she became paralyzed; although her mind was still alert. We are grateful she did not die hungry.


Even though she is gone she will always remain my best buddy, she is deeply missed.

(Aprox.) May 26, 1993- Aug. 21, 2007

Dear sweet, little white, furry girl......

You came to us a "gentle whirlwind".
You made us ANGRY at your antics, & you made us LAUGH HYSTERICALLY at your antics.

You "broke us down" in our frustration & anger by giving us that famous "Bullie smile", with your gorgeous lined permanent lipstick &
your perfectly lined mascara-like eyes.

In playfulness & "play-position" you shifted back-and-forth to get us all "worked-up" & ready to do your "track meet" around the living room. We thought you were a bit "dense & slow" in the "brains department", but soon discovered, you had just enough "smarts" in manipulating most situations to meet YOUR needs, not ours !

The first few nights of adjusting to each other were tough, but what you brought in return by helping us overcome our loss of your predecessor (Neil), was next to miraculous.

As we got to know you & initially compared you to your predecessor, we realized that although some Bullie "traits" prevailed.... the heart, mind & individual personality truly addresses the "soul" of each individual creature, & the comparisons quickly stopped.

For me (your "mom"), you became like a little sister that opened up my heart like no other creature has. For your "dad", you brought back a sense of excitement, freedom, & joy, that we had recently lost.

Most of the time you "behaved" as we wished, & other times you got away with extreme naughtiness. (You ocassionaly "sneaked" a pee at the far end of the house, where you knew you shouldn't, †but seldom on carpeting & mostly on tile). You always had great social manners with other creatures, never chasing, growling, or dominating, while at the same time being
"alpha" & not letting any other dog get the "best of you". At times we might be a bit harsh in reprimanding certain behaviors, yet you never held a grudge for very long, but would chastise us with that "evil Bullie stink-eye". You were always easy in adjusting to changing routines, requirements (medications & shots) & able to ignore my "obsessive-compulsive" tendencies with vacuuming or cleaning. Nothing seemed to disturb you.

As you grew older & developed more serious health related issues (even surgeries, colonoscopies, etc.) you always seemed †to "bounce back" with renewed vigor.
Thank G-d for your "dad" who assured me several times not to "pull the plug" when I truly thought it was the end. We got to experience at least 6 mos. to 1 yr. more of your sweetness by bringing you by the neighbors house where you befriended "Spot" who became your "boyfriend", & his human,Tom, who brought you a "new lease on life". The front yards of our homes became an animal-owner gathering spot for the entire neighborhood. We met folks & their animals we never would have known had it not been for you & Spot as ambassadors of good-will.

As your walk slowed & your equilibrium, appetite & bowels deteriorated, I begged you to "release" your body when it no longer served you. As usual, dear sweet little girl,....... you had your way to the end & left that painful decision to us. (You were always so much braver than either your "dad or mom"). When it was evident that some decision needed to be made we
consulted with your vet, Dr. Fries, who assured us it was the "right time". Your departure was peaceful & filled with so much love as we held & kissed your lovely white, furry little body. (Everyone at the vet's was almost as upset as we were, for you were truly one of their favorite little "spirits").

G-d bless Rhonda, Dave, & all their volunteers & helpers who do so much for so many.
G-d bless you our dearest Chlo'e, for all the love & joy you brought into our lives, the emptiness you helped fill, & most recently for bringing us the perfect new "little soul" that Rhonda has chosen next for us (Sophie).

I know that on the "other side of the veil", time is an illusion, & soon we'll be greeted & "bowled over " with your enthusiastic charge & nips as you & Neil run up that "Bridge" to greet our arrival.

Love, nips, & sloppy kisses forever, dearest !

Mom & Dad

--Bugger --

pronounced  bug-air' a girl name

 A star will shine in Heaven,
as I've lost a dear friend.
Her little body was just all worn out,
her time was near its end.
So thru the gates of Heaven,
there goes not a human form,
But a small white, lumpy-bumpy dog,
slightly scarred and worn.
Heaven sent bugger down to me,
where she stayed for 14 1/2 years,
to be my constant companion,
and the drier of my tears.
I loved the fur behind bugger's ears,
and to kiss her there.
In return of this tender gesture,
bugger covered everything with hair.
To know bugger was to love her,
a dear sweet soul.
Even if she once figured out how to eat
toilet paper straight from the roll..
To say good-bye to a life-long friend,
is the hardest thing to do,
Picture her in Heaven,
with a chewed-up halo crown,
and silky wings upon her back,
to help her whiz around.
bugger still has a job to do,
now that she's been set free now,
She's become a Angel.

 Adapted from a poem by Penny Walsh

Lucky Dawg

Lucker - you were the clown of the litter. My daughters favorite puppy. An adorable little bundle. I am so sorry we could not help you in your hour of need! I think of you daily. Your death will not be in vain. We will do our best to help other bullies not meet the same fate! I know your spirit will soon be reborn into another bully with attitude.

8/8/05 to 2/1/06


Passed away in 2003 at approx 13 years of age. He was dumped in the Anaheim hills, when he was about 10 and left for the coyotes. Vinnie was saved by the Irvine Animal Shelter, and then to us. He was adopted in 1999 by Paula Suarez, and he had a wonderful life in Washington State, taking frequent walks to the Pikes Market and along the waterfront in Seattle.

Mister Bentley

I had a Bull Terrier named Scooter Pye for 11 years and lost her to kidney cancer and tried to live without a dog but I realized after a couple of months that I was not going to be able to pull off living alone. I notified Dave and Ronda that I would like to get another female, nothing was available at the time so I told them to let me know if something came up. They suggested that I foster a male they had so I went to take a look and brought home a skinny abused dog that would not even look at me. I had driven about 60 miles when the dog got on my lap and started licking my face I knew at that point that I would have to keep him. We did manage to grow the family with the addition of Zena a white Bull Terrier. She and I are trying to adjust to the loss of Mister Bentley on December 6 2004. We ran out of options because of complications of a tumor on his lung. All heroics were tried but we had to let go and hope to reunite one day. I am quite sure that was the most gentle and wonderful Bull Terrier to ever bond with a human. He had a rough start in live but had the best possible life I could provide we went everywhere together. He is missed by all that knew him.
Jerry Sloan and Zena.


aka: Ollie, Avi Esconazi, Nacho Blanco, Little White Dog... and many more!

Your short time in this world was no where near long enough, but the impact and memories you left behind are enormous.

May you rest in peace and may we find you again some day.

06/19/00 - 05/05/05



Sweet, sweet bully.

We are heartbroken without you. May St. Francis keep you in his loving care and may God see fit that one day, we will all be reunited. Until then, as you Poppie said, and still says... "Get a good snooze, pal."


My beautiful Chester

When the Ventura Shelter found you living in a homeless shelter for men you thought your fate was sealed.

They called us before they put you to sleep and we were able to pick you up on a Sunday even though they were closed. Your disabilities never stopped you. We as humans could learn a lot from you. We had you for 1 Pet Expo and 1 Silverwood rescue parade and then you became tired as it became your time to leave us. We had 3 wonderful years with you, and we know you are resting peacefully now. Than you for sharing those precious years with us. Wait at the bridge with our other bullies, we will all pass through together.


When the pound worker first brought he out to me; my first words were "She's an old girl." That seems like only yesterdy but it
was about 2 years ago. At first she seemed to be waiting for her owner to come for her, but then she settled in as one of our house
dogs. Her owner was not coming back for her- he had been sent to the war in Iraq, and his fate is unknown.
China was my breakfast buddy and altough there is a great void without her, perhaps she is with her original owner.
Shine on- shine on sweet China girl, you are missed.


You came into our lives a small and solid lop-eared, bright eyed white bundle of energy .You grew so strong and spirited that we didnât know if we could handle you! But You brought us so much happiness and laughter with your clownish antics and unquestioning devotion to us that we knew you were ours forever!

We loved your unfailing happy mood, your cheerful determination to get your own way, and your zest for life. You were unique in a thousand ways, a loving bull in the china shop of our lives, a huge personality in a 70-pound dog.

 You met each day with a big dog smile and a wagging tail, eager for your walk, for a ride, for your treats, or just to be with us at home. in your furry body was the most gentle soul; you loved everyone you met, human or animal, on sight. Never would you hurt another creature.  You were pure love: a funny happy angel in the shape of a Bull Terrier put on earth to make people smile. Every day we shared with you was a gift.  You were worth every chewed up doggie bed, every nose print on the glass, every white hair on the sofa and every visit to the vet a thousand times over.

Your body grew sick.  We tried to help you fight the cruel thief that stole your energy and your health. We despaired to see you growing ever more tired, your strong body weakening.  We knew the time had come for you to leave us. Now you have been tucked into your blanket for the last time and received your final good night kiss.  Your eyes are forever closed to this earth.  You are at peace.

 You live in our memories and in our dreams, sweet Stella.  We will miss you forever.


Was a miniature bull terrier who was just 3 years old and blind.  He was born in Portugal and had been dumped twice in two different pounds by his pervious owners. He was a brown brindle and white boy. He was calm, quiet and very sweet natured.

He will be missed by us all - good night little guy - may your sight be forever clear in your next life to run and play and see all that you have missed in this life...


1/05 - 7/05

6 months old forever, we only knew you for 5 days in rescue. Your spirt showed through your pain. We had to let you go, your original owner didn't know what they had and a puppy inoculation would have prevented your very untimely death.