rescue stories


Our rescue story is one that turned into two!

We first brought Bensen into our lives after the 2005 Pomona Pet Expo. We knew from the minute we met him that weekend, there was no way we could go home without him. He was great!

Within the first few months of living with Bensen we knew he was a special Bullie. He gets along with almost all other dogs, including his best friend an 85 pound Pitt Bull, Mugger, and his uncle dog a Golden Retriever-Poodle mix, Jake.

We went to Rhonda with the idea that if she could find a female companion for Bensen we would help her out by rescuing a second dog. After almost a year of no potential females coming in and a hand full of males, Rhonda asked us if we would consider fostering one.

This was the first time we would be bringing a dog into our lives knowing we wouldn't have him forever. It was a tough decision, but we agreed.

Welcome Bones to the story - who was first known as Ximon. The first few days we kept Bones and Bensen as separated as possible. They were able to walk together, but knowing the nature of the beast we were timid to let two males run around together too much. As we started to experiment with letting the two be buds, we realized they really liked each other. After 2 weeks, I called Rhonda and asked her 2 questions... how attached was she to the name Ximon and if she could take him off the website because Bensen wanted to keep him!

Bensen and Bones are inseparable. They're a perfect pair. Bensen being deaf, now has a hearing aid, and Bones being untrained, now has a role model to learn from.

We would like to thank Rhonda and Dave for making this a possible scenario in our lives and for giving all the rescued Bullies a second chance at life.


Sincerely, Brian, Kellie, Bensen and Bones

Zane was found roaming the streets of Sin City (Las Vegas) black with dirt and almost 20 pounds underweight.  Too weak to walk or even stand Zane was frightened of humans and extremely timid.  This poor frightened animal, half starved, would crouch and cower with fear when any human approached.  We were so worried about this starving guy coming into rescue over Memorial Day weekend along with 4 other new rescues.  He obviously needed some special one on one care, but with so many new rescues dogs there is a lot of stress at the kennel, something Zane didn't needin his life.  On the way back picking him up from Tammy our rescue partner in Nevada I had to stop and get dog food at our local feed store and I happened to mention to the owner that I had 2 new rescue dogs in the back of my car.  As always, he came out to look at them.  I told him Zane's story and how worried I was about him stressing out.  As I was pulling away to leave the back hatch on my car wasn't closed all the way so I had to stop to close it correctly.  As I did this , his wife came running out to see Zane; as I told her his story she said "We'll foster him."  This was the best news we had all week.  A place for him to rest and recover and eat, and be with people who could be with him 24/7.  Zane being deaf seemed happiest with other dogs and they had 2.  It seemed like an answer to our prayers for him.  He immediately found his place and moved onto their bed along with their cat.  He loves them and their dogs, he no longer cowers when he is approached.  He likes going to the store with them, and on days he stays home eagerly greets them when they return.  This is the happiest he has probably ever been in his 2 short years of life.  We are happy to report he now weights 43 pounds on his way to 50.  The best news of all; they are adopting him permanently.  So Miracles do happen.

Wilma the little bull terrier with a death sentence.  we got a call from one of our local "No-Kill" shelters in Southern California asking us if we had room for one more.  We try never to say No to a pound.  They told us they had a female bull terrier they picked up stray and because she didn't like other dogs she was going to be sent to another shelter for euthanasia.  Since most bull terriers don't like other dogs she was the norm, and not the exception for our breed.  She was never offered to the public for adoption, nor allowed to see a Vet to be spayed because they had decided on euthanasia as  her destiny (this from a No-Kill shelter).  We asked them to hold her 2 days till Saturday when we were better able to pick her up; but they refused and said we had to get her today to save her life.  We found an angel of a volunteer, Kevin DeNike, who took off work in Orange County, drove to Oceanside CA, picked her up, and brought her all the way out here.  When Wilma first came she would not eat anything and was very thin, she also had kennel cough.  Finally she ate out of Rhonda's hand and then off a spoon, after 2 weeks she was eating out of a bowl. Wilma is a sweet, smaller bull terrier who didn't deserve a death sentence. Well; we put Wilma on our website and someone recognized her and contacted us.  As it turns out her owner was sent to fight in Iraq and left her in the care of someone who could not care for her.  We wonder if her original owner knows her plight.  If anyone out there reads this story and would like to give Wilma (Penny was her original name we were told) a forever home please contact us.

About a week before Christmas we received an e-mail asking for assistance in placing a bull terrier. The e-mail was from a Vet Tech named Tammy, who had saved a young bullie from being put to sleep. The original owner bought the pup from Florida, and at 12 weeks the owner was so frustrated she decided to just put him down. Now at 7 months Tammy knew the pup needed more time and training, especially time, than she had. Her request in itself was routine, except she was 2300 miles away in St. Cloud Minnesota, and we are outside Los Angeles. Well we put our Minnesota division on notice and they did the rest. A week after Christmas Patti, a bull terrier owner herself picked the little guy up. He is currently warm, safe and happy living with her and her other 2 bullies. He may, as he matures, get aggressive with her other male, but again we can assist and fly him out here for placement. We hope he lives a long happy life with Patti, and her gang
ATLAS  Our 3 legged wonder dog. Atlas had a rough first year of life. He was hit by a car and taken to the pound with injuries. His owners claimed him at the pound and were told to take him to a vet immediately. They took him across the border to a vet in Tijuana. He operated on his broken leg and instead of using a plate to hold it together he pinned the bone with pieces of wire coat hanger, in the process splitting the bone. His leg became infected and the pound went back to check on him, they found him in bad shape. They again took Atlas to the pound releasing him when the owners agreed to take him to a vet in the United States. They took him back across then border to the same vet. When the pound checked on him again the leg was massively infected and he was in suffering in severe pain. This time the pound took him to a vet, unfortunately his leg had to be removed to save his life. Animal Regulation took the owners to court and gained custody of Atlas. Animal Regulation called us immediately to take him as they did not want to adopt him out. While with us atlas learned to compensate for his lost leg very well and quickly. Enter Karen Selby, who had no hesitation in adopting him, having had bullies for 15 years. Karen and Atlas are in inseparable pair now. He lives with 4 Peruvian Paso horses and has lots of room to roam
CHESTER  Once in a while a remarkable bull terrier crosses our path here at the rescue. This is the story of Chester, a remarkable bullie. Chester was found living at a homeless shelter in Ventura California. The pound evaluated him and diagnosed what they thought was an ols spinal cord injury that left him uncoordinated and tipsey. In short he walks like a drunk, often tripping and falling over. The pound called us as a courtesy to tell us this bullie was going to be euthanized. We asked them to wait and let us see him, so they opened up on a Sunday just for us. Chester was a wonderful, older, lovable bull terrier; needless to say we took him home. He has proved a wonderful ambassador of the breed, appearing at America's Family Pet Expo, and in the Parade of Rescues at Silverwood in San Jose. Chester is deaf now and a bit more unstable, but still a loving, cuddly bullie who loves everyone and everything. Chester is a very special and much loved bully.
Leo finds his Niche
About a year ago we received a call from the head of a new golf course being built in Oxnard California. It seems his workers ran terrified from a storage building believing a wild animal was holed up inside. Upon investigation it was a 6 month old bull terrier pup who was to afraid to come out. He was covered in used motor oil, which some people believe an treat mange, and little Leo had a bad case of mange covering over 60% of his body. After coaxing him out with food this kind man took him to his vet and got him cleaned up and discovered he was deaf. That's when he called us to take him.

Right from the start we could see Leo was no ordinary deaf dog, he had learned to focus on humans. He was alert and watchful, played with other dogs in rescue, he was a happy dog, and we became very attached to him.  About the middle of February we got a call from a friend saying the bull terrier trainer, Darrell Webber would love to adopt Leo and work with him, well that was that; Leo found his niche. Darrell and Leo are a team now. Leo is learning to become a demonstration dog (showing obedience training).
Good Luck Leo